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Education is essential to the development of a person and, by extension, to the development of a nation. Although India’s education system has had some great examples in its past, it has recently been criticized by the international community, and there is no denying that we have been lagging behind in education for decades. While a large percentage of the population lacks basic amenities, the bulk of those who attain the highest level of education migrate abroad in search of higher paying jobs. The Indian government pays attention to education and takes all possible measures to ensure that every child in India has access to education as a basic right. So let us see what are the main problems of education in this country and they can possibly solve them to bring the national literacy to a higher level.

Program and structure

The use of the syllabus is a common occurrence in education globally. You don’t have to read online reviews on MercuryNews, for example, or any other website where helpful essays on dozens of topics can be easily found. There is everything available at your educational institution. Since independence, India has followed this same basic curriculum and curriculum. The Indian education system insists on starting from the beginning. It has a hold on the education system since it has worked well for decades, if not millennia. This caused the creators of the program to over-emphasize the basics, failing to see that outdated technologies aren’t really “basics”, but rather junk.

Insufficient interest

Another huge problem of Indian students is the lack of interest in educational programs and growth in education. 90% of schooling is academic, with very few opportunities for students to engage in practical learning and research. Students are still restricted to a set curriculum and not really encouraged to come out and talk about their needs, so there is no opportunity for creative learning and thinking. Our teaching technique is quite boring, with a severe lack of mobility and agility. Students are usually forced to take long hours of classes and the total amount of learning they receive is highly questionable. Under such circumstances, an engaging form of teaching not only helps students, but also arouses in them a genuine desire to study the subject in a new way.

Exaggerations of reviews

Even though exams are an inevitable part of education, it can be said that educators in India exaggerate with their frequency as well as the demands expected of students. Examinations are a necessary aspect of university studies. They are the main method of future selection.

Examining oneself or others is a method of self-assessment. Dashboards allow us to see where we stand in relation to each other. This demonstrates our commitment to the field in which we work. It also demonstrates that one has tried to achieve his goal and compete with others. Despite these advantages, our Indian education is generally at a point where testing is a source of unease and anxiety.

Lack of interesting things included in study programs

Diversity is something that keeps students interested in a certain educational program. Indians are more focused on providing them with the same curriculum throughout the school year, which leads to negative results in terms of interest. The students are mostly young people who want to have fun, participate in creative classes and work on exciting projects. However, they cannot have similar experiences in Indian schools and colleges. In the Indian education system, year-end results and board tests are extremely important, and not receiving enough grades can lead to psychological bullying, humiliation and a crisis of confidence. Society, family, and institutions do not hold recreational, artistic, craft, and extracurricular activities in high regard. Academic courses are so popular that teachers are often seen exploiting the time given to sports and other extracurricular activities to supplement their own curriculum. There must be a fundamental knowledge of the learning process here. Acquisition is a collaborative process in which a person is expected to think, react, act, and digest information in a way that is both creative and practical. The focus must be entirely on learning.

Neglect of talent

Every country in the world has talented individuals for many different aspects. The only thing they need is to have proper education so that they can use their potential to the fullest. In India, however, this is rarely the case. The stumbling block is that parents are constantly forcing their children to pursue their aspirations, but they never push the youngster to pursue a greater goal. They keep pressuring their kids to become doctors, engineers, or lawyers, and the kid pours all his energy into a career he never wanted. Why? They wouldn’t want to dishonor their parents, so the solution is simple. They work hard all day and all night just to see a smile on their parent’s face, but he or she loses their smile in the process. Therefore, if someone is a talented writer, they should use online writing services to help them maintain their skills or improve over time. This is something that should no longer exist these days when every country is trying to develop technologically and educationally.

Teaching methods

If an educational institution is about to elevate its stunt doubles, the teaching methods need to be perfected. It’s just another, in a sea of ​​problems that Indians are currently facing. One element that needs to be changed is the curriculum, while teachers and teaching techniques need to be completely redesigned. Our pedagogical approaches are no longer effective. We still teach only using a blackboard and chalk. While there will be a tsunami of people switching to online learning, it has only happened to a tiny percentage of the population. Therefore, the Indian style of teaching is inefficient, but so are the instructors. Schools could actively work to hone them in innovative teaching approaches and adapt them to the flexible online learning environment. Online learning is a fun way to learn, but it only works if you have a qualified tutor.


I hope we have managed to show you all the major issues that India as a country is currently facing in education. The only way to make progress is through consistent effort and willingness to work on student literacy. Everything is achievable with time and that is the greatest hope Indians can have right now.

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