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I’ve heard grumblings about “too many Chinese students here in this country” and would like to offer a different perspective on Chinese students using the American education system to further their education.

China is ruled by a communist regime, but not all Chinese are happy about that. In many ways, this means that they are looking for other countries to pursue their studies.

One of the reasons China has about 370,000 students studying in the United States is because it has a population of 1.5 billion. We have 330 million people, do the math. Another reason they pose a threat to our economic security is that they have a population of 1.5 billion. That many people buy many things. We also buy a lot of things from them. If people want to buy cheap things, they buy from China.

A person can be influenced by the education they receive and also by the exposure to the society in which they live while receiving that education. Education takes place not only in the classroom, but also in the street. Americans traditionally view the United States as a beacon of light to the world – we welcome immigrants, refugees, and students to learn about our society. Some decide to stay both legally and illegally. Some go home to tell others about their experience.

Remember that all of our families were immigrants, refugees and students at some point (unless your family was born in the country).

Why advocate slamming the door on others who want the same thing your ancestors wanted, especially because you disagree with the government they live under?

Our immigration laws must be reformed. But in the meantime, we should be this beacon of light showing our visitors benevolence, our values ​​and our love; education is a means to achieve this.

Joan Davis


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