This Was News – “The Educational System of Mendocino County”, 1913 – The Ukiah Daily Journal

Ukiah Republican-Press ‘Booster, Progress and Development Section’, March 7, 1913

Mendocino County Education System

By School Superintendent LW Babcock

When it comes to its schools, Mendocino County ranks among the best in the state.

There are two county high schools and five union high schools. In Ukiah and Mendocino are the county’s two high schools established in 1893. These two schools have the largest number of students enrolled. Union high schools are located in Fort Bragg (established 1900), Covelo (1903), Point Arena (1904), Willits (1904), Anderson Valley (1912). These all have a good number of students with Fort Bragg having the highest number. The faculty of the high school numbers twenty-seven, with teachers ranking high among state educators.

The elementary schools are one hundred and eighteen in number with one hundred and fifty supervising teachers and principals. The towns and many rural districts have well-built and well-appointed schools with ample grounds and an ample supply of pure water. Fort Bragg enjoys the distinction of being the largest – having nine teachers and a supervising principal elected for four years with a salary of $150 per month. Ukiah comes next with eight teachers and a supervising director elected for four years at a salary of $140 per month. Willits with five teachers, Mendocino with five teachers, Point Arena, Hopland and Covelo with three teachers each are all important and useful educational centers. Each year greater attention is given to schools, and each year marks a substantial gain and improvement in buildings and grounds.

Elementary school teachers rank extremely high and each year several of them find prominent placements in major cities. Men of great experience and great familiarity with the school systems elsewhere give our teachers a high rank without hesitation.

The amount paid for teachers’ salaries during the year ending June 30, 1912 was $94,512.82 in elementary schools and $27,462.25 in secondary schools. The total expenditure for educational purposes for that year in secondary and elementary schools was $156,452.34.

There is no better place in the world to raise and educate children than in the mountains of Mendocino. Here where nature has given us the beauty of the hills and the sky, the fresh air, the pure water, the shaded valleys and the flowery valleys; here like nowhere else nature has done so much to give our children the right outlook on life.

The schools are doing a good job along the industrial lines and this keeps the child in touch with life in a real sense.

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