The great challenge of the education system for the dream of Akwa Ibom

Mr. James Iniama, a gubernatorial candidate from Akwa Ibom State and a land surveyor and appraiser, identified the crisis in the education system as the major challenge facing the state.

He said it was unfortunate that most graduates today are unable to read and write clearly compared to when a child was taught to read and write in primary school.

Iniama told this to the People’s Democratic Party secretariat during his consultation with party members in Uyo, the state capital.

He said the challenge in the sector is one that all must face in order to turn the sector around for the growth and development of the state.

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“I know full well that if there is a challenge we have in Akwa Ibom State today, it is related to our education system. It is a challenge that we must all take up. I learned to read and write in my primary school; I was taught to draw in my elementary school, but very unfortunately, today I found graduates unable to write and read very clearly.

“So it’s a challenge; a challenge to our dream. We believe the time has come when we need to stand up together and ensure that our education system is improved,” he said.

He however expressed his joy that there is a NEEDS document and that everyone knows the contents of the document, adding that we already have what we need to offer children to have a quality education.

While promising quality education, the aspirant assured that if elected to power, his administration would address the issue of infrastructure and teacher training.

“In a quality education, we will have to train quality teachers, equip our education system and ensure that the issue of infrastructure is resolved. It will demonstrate to our sons and daughters that we love them, not by giving them gifts, but by imparting knowledge to them,” he added.

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