The education system must shift from passing subjects to creating jobs

Food entrepreneur, John Dumelo

Agribusiness entrepreneur, John Dumelo, has called for a change in Ghana’s education system as he believes the current system is doing students more harm than good.

According to him, the existing education system has been designed in such a way that students focus on passing their subjects instead of exploring employment opportunities with the subjects.

He said it was time for the subjects taught in schools to lead students towards the creation of after-school jobs.

In a tweet seen by GhanaWeb on Sunday, September 11, 2022, the entrepreneur said, “Our whole Gh education system needs a complete overhaul. It is designed to make you look for after school jobs. “What about creating jobs after school? We should move from transmitting subjects to seek jobs to understanding subjects to create jobs…”

Meanwhile, an annual Household Income and Expenditure Survey (AHIES) released by the Ghana Statistical Service showed that around 380,000 people in the labor force were triple burdened.

This means that this category of people was simultaneously in a situation of food insecurity, multidimensional poverty and unemployment”.


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