The Bulgarian education system is ready to accept up to 63,000 Ukrainian students –

The new decree of the Ministry of Health removes all measures in schools, which means that all students must return fully to the classroom, except those applying for individual learning. This was stated by the Minister of Education Acad. Nikolay Denkov on Bulgarian national television.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: End of restrictions – No more masks

“We plan to start the normal learning process without a pandemic. If additional measures are put in place, we will have time to react during the holidays, but for the moment, everything is gone. It was crucial for us to get through the last wave as smoothly as possible, only between the two terms we gave teachers and students a break. In that case, I don’t think it could have gone better. said the minister.

As of Friday, 365 applications had been submitted by Ukrainians students, of which nearly 100 children are already enrolled in Bulgarian schools. Our education system is ready to accept up to 63,000 Ukrainian students.

“The problem is that these people have not yet decided what to do, their dream is to go back and rebuild their lives. This process is still to be developed, we are ready for thousands of children who want to get involved in our education system”explained Minister Denkov.

The main obstacle with Ukrainian students is the vaccination schedule, which is different from that of Bulgaria, explained Acad. Denkov. This is why the Ministry of Education and Health agreed to have the children enter school after receiving the necessary vaccinations.

The ministry of Education will propose that the start of the school year be on September 7, but the appropriate organization must first be made for the teachers. Until the end of this year, there will be no change in school timetables, the last two weeks of June will be used to work with the pupils. With the adoption of the budget, the funds for education were increased by approximately BGN 550 million.

“It’s the money for education, that won’t change. We calculate the additional funds we will need to accept Ukrainian children. It depends on the evolution of the war, whether there will be a significant increase in the number of children. If we stay at this level. At the moment, there will be no overhaul of the budget in our sphere. If the situation tightens for months, it may need to be updated,” Denkov said.

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