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Threatening teachers is not a way to build a strong education system.

Threatening teachers is not a way to build a strong education system. (Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Highland High School teacher Brock Edwards joins other educators, parents and public school advocates as they rally on the steps of the Utah Capitol on Tuesday, 22 February 2022. Advocates feel many anti-public school actions have […]

America’s Failing Education System | theTrumpet.com

Jhe complete collapse of our education is one of the greatest tragedies to ever haunt the United States of America. Public schools must rethink their goals of excellence in math, science, reading, history, and other disciplines toward implementing critical race theory and other neo-Marxist philosophies. The result of this fundamental transformation is that biblical morality […]

Inspirational Conversations: Changing Minnesota’s Education System by Leading Black Boys to Literacy

Keenan Jones, 38, is on a mission to transform Minnesota’s education system and advance black success. A 2001 graduate from Osseo High School, Jones is passionate about bridging the educational gap between students of color and their white peers. As an elementary school teacher for the Hopkins School District, Jones founded the nonprofit Literacy for […]

Education system stretched beyond capacity fails students

Educators are not OK. And while it may not be breaking news, it has reached a point where our communities can no longer ignore it and we need to do something about it. Staff-related school closures impact families and educators leave the profession frustrated and exhausted. It all falls on the students, who will not […]

A summary of the Thai education system

Many expats who decide to move to Thailand are curious about the status of public schools. As Thailand is a popular destination for many people around the world, those with children may seek to immerse their children in the culture. So, enrolling them in government-sponsored schools in the country may be an option. However, further […]

Governor Newsom’s $20 billion proposal aims to transform California’s education system. | California

On Wednesday, May 12, Governor Gavin Newsom announced a $20 billion proposal to bolster the education system in California, speaking at Elkhorn Elementary School in Castroville. The funds will come from a surplus of nearly $76 billion; Newsom said the state was “coming back” from the Covid-19 pandemic. Linda Darling-Hammond, president of the State Board […]

Failure of the reform of the Uruguayan education system

The victory of the centre-right National Party marks the end of 15 years of rule by the centre-left Broad Front coalition. But unlike other progressive governments of the pink tide era, the Broad Front leaves the government with poverty and inequality at historic lows, averting the wave of social unrest now sweeping the region. Unlike […]

Here’s everything you need to know about Costa Rica’s education system ⋆ The Costa Rica News

According to various reports, Costa Rica ranks fourth among the 94 countries most accessible to education. These studies show that education in the country covers most of the population since the rate of people who can read and write is 90.27% and illiteracy is only 9.73%. Through consistent attention to education, Costa Rica has achieved […]

The American education system is an “aristocracy masquerading as a meritocracy”

Education is often sold as a great equalizer, but new research suggests it actually reinforces inequality. According to a study by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and Workforce, about 30% of low-income kindergarteners with high test scores end up getting a college education and employment. well-paid entry level. On the other hand, kindergarteners from the […]

The type of education system Nigeria needs

I have to say that Bunmi Lawson is someone I like among the young generation of Nigerian women who are doing a lot in their different spaces. Bunmi led the FATE Foundation and later led ACCION Microfinance Bank through which she has achieved a lot in financial inclusion and now she is the pioneer in […]

The education system must be redefined in the Caribbean

Over the past 25 years, the education system in the Caribbean has gone through multiple changes and reforms, the majority of them aimed at solving the problems facing the system. However, very few of these changes and reforms were aimed at completely rethinking the function of education in society and highlighting the purpose of education […]

America needs political will to fix unfair education system, Stanford experts say

In a recent on-campus discussion of the “crisis” of inequality in education, a panel of experts with perspectives from the ground up unabashedly called out a critical missing piece to the solution: the political will. Investing in education has produced proven returns, but the obvious solution remains elusive, according to panelists at the April 27 […]

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