Photo of school in Iran that reopened after 7 months has internet users talking

Schools in Iran reopened to 15 million students on September 5 after being closed for seven months due to the COVD-19 pandemic, and a photo showing the course of a class is circulating the internet.

The photo, shared on Twitter by journalist Farnaz Fassihi, showed students sitting in transparent tents. There was a girl in each tent and none of them wore a mask.

“School in the era of the pandemic in Iran,” Fassihi wrote.

Take a look here:

While the innovation has impressed many, others have expressed concern about the health risks of sitting inside an enclosed tent. Take a look at some of the reactions:

President Hassan Rouhani oversaw the reopening of the schools through a live video conference on state television. He cited the equal importance of education and health as the reason for his decision to reopen educational institutions, Reuters reported.

“This year, we are taking on a greater burden of responsibility towards our students,” said the president.

According to reports, Iran is one of the countries worst affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the Middle East with more than 384,000 cases.

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