NEP 2020 will transform education system, says former governor

The National Education Policy 2020 envisions big changes in the education system, former PS Governor of Tamil Nadu Ramamohan Rao said on Monday.

“Today we are facing a scenario where thousands of engineers are largely unemployable because they lack skills. The government spends a huge amount of money on higher education, mostly in the form of salaries than infrastructure. said the former governor during the Rajaji Memorial Endowment Lecture on “Governance and Constitution in India” at the National College.

“Today, state governments are spending a huge portion of their revenues on offering largesse or gifts to the people to ensure their electoral victory in the next election,” he added.

Looking back on 70 years of independence, he remarked, “As a nation, we haven’t done well. For example, the smallest part of our GDP is devoted to maintaining public order. We have yet to provide housing for 300 million of our population. The recent pandemic has shown the inadequacy of our health facilities, as we spend less than 2% of our GDP on the health system. In terms of infrastructure, we have built roads and built fancy airports, but our railways remain neglected. We have not added any significant kilometers or new lines since Independence.

He further observed, “Whenever the center becomes powerful, it encroaches on the rights of the states. The states also voluntarily cede their rights to the center when the same party is in power in both the center and the state. ” Today, justice intervenes in the day-to-day administration and gives directives to the center as well as to the States. “The executive seems to have become quite servile without any independence…”

Citing excerpts from the preamble of the Indian Constitution, he said that the three verticals, namely the legislature, the executive and the judiciary, should work in tandem. The fourth vertical, the media, was to bring to the attention of citizens all the truths related to governance.

Regarding Rajaji, the former governor said the late ruler had the clarity of mind, precision of thought and simplicity of language required for an outstanding ruler.

College Secretary K. Raghunathan said in his speech that Rajaji has the courage of conviction on all social and political issues. Rajaji had visited the college several times in the past and was closely associated with the administration of the college.

Principal R. Sundararaman also addressed the assembly.

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