Liberian Youth Contribute to Liberia’s Education System Quota, Through Renovation and Inauguration of Yalohn City Public School in Margibi

Kakata, Margibi – A Liberian student studying at the University of Rochester in the United States, Mohammed Bah, raised funds and rebuilt Yahlon Public School in Yahlon, Margibi County.

The current state of the school has a modern facility, painted walls, blackboards, doors and a new roof, and was inaugurated on Saturday May 21 by Bah with the amount of US$1,600 raised and used for reconstruction of the school building. through Bah’s implementing partner, the Moijama Education Foundation, responsible for overseeing and implementing the project.

According to Bah through an interview via Whatsapp, in a bid to raise funds for the construction works of the school, he created a Gofundme campaign after having a conversation with some of his friends about the state of the school. .

He launched the campaign under the name “Help Renovate Yalon City Public School”.

“I am very happy with the completion of this project. With the help of our donors and Gofudme, we raised over $1,600 to renovate the school and give it a worthy surface after running this fundraising campaign over a period,” he said.

“I can’t overstate the appreciation I have for everyone who contributed financially to this project. I am grateful to my campus friends, their families and my network for seeing the need to make this project a reality and to put smiles on the faces of the children and family members of the school.

Bah also took the opportunity to thank his implementing partners who are making sure the project is done and everyone who shared and posted the fundraising link.

He said that in July 2021, he embarked on the school renovation project before the start of the 2021-2022 school year and had difficulty raising the desired amount during this period and had initially thought of building a modern school facility, a mini library, offices and a bathroom within the $6,740 budget line.

Bah further said that it was not an easy task to reach out to friends and network to support such an endeavor to ensure that Yahlon Public School gets an auspicious facelift and I am glad that my goal has been achieved after more than four months of fundraising to see these school children progressing towards achieving their educational goals one step at a time.

The school is an existing public school located in the town of Yahlon called Yalohn Town Public School. The school was established in 2009 and it is the only public school that provides primary education to more than 20 rural villages.

The school administration, for its part, congratulated Mohammed Bah for his kind gesture of working with the school before through the foundation where they donated benches, blackboards and a desk to ensure students have a comfortable learning environment.

“The current state of the school has a modern facility, painted walls, blackboards, doors and a new roof and we are grateful to Bah and his supporters for their many alms to our school,” the school said. ‘administration.

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