Letter to the editor: A strong education system is a priority | Letters to the Editor

Citizens want inclusiveness and top-notch professionals for our children. The demographics of the public school system have changed, and new people, processes, and technologies are critical to success.

We’ve seen several articles, social media posts, and policy change requests regarding Anderson Community Schools. Let’s face the facts. We have 46% students of color, and no diversity within the school board is unacceptable. This old way of working no longer works. How do you represent what you don’t understand? We need to hire a diverse workforce and create a culture of inclusiveness.

People move to cities that have a strong education system. Education will drive a more prosperous economy. Anderson has many challenges in both areas. Have we reached our bottom? I hope so. So how to rebuild? We are going to have to look at our politics, our people and our systems that support dysfunction and incompetence.

Let’s start with our schools; winning a top notch experienced superintendent with a proven track record could provide the leadership we desperately need.

Hiring a leader who understands how to work in an urban setting is fundamental to improving our local education system. The school board confirmed that it lost more than $21 million a year due to students choosing to go elsewhere. The loss of these financial resources undoubtedly has an impact on what we are able to offer our students.

Winning back students should be a priority and would expand the number of courses we offer. Where there are challenges, there are opportunities. Let’s bring our students back to ACS, it’s time to move Anderson forward.

Anikka KingAnderson

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