How to improve the Nigerian education system?

If Nigeria wants to become a developed country and advance in this technological age, it must pay attention to education, otherwise, it is simply not possible for Nigeria to move forward.

The Nigerian government needs to take full account of the issues and obstacles that surround the education system and that is why we will be looking at some of the ways to improve the Nigerian education system:
Increase education sector funding
It is very important to increase funding for the education sector. To make Nigeria prosperous, it is incumbent upon both the government and the private sector to invest their funds and resources in the development of the education sector in the country. We see the country’s education system suffer for decades due to underfunding and corruption.

According to UNESCO recommendations, a nation should allocate 26% of the budget to the education sector, which is about 1/4 of the total budget and it shows the importance of education, however, in Nigeria, the budget allocated to the education sector has never exceeded 10%, which is a moment of reflection for us Nigerians.
Elimination of exam errors
We must also put an end to bad exam practices, otherwise our country will not be able to produce qualified graduates. Due to the rising cost of tuition and other associated costs, students and even parents are doing everything possible to ensure that they do not fail and end up being involved in malpractice.

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As a nation, we should reflect on our position in terms of producing qualified and trained graduates and end up with these bad practices for the development of our nation. We have the example of India which is becoming one of the best nations in the world simply because of the quality of its education system and how easily most graduates can get good government jobs.
Professional And Technical Centers
There is also a crying need for quality professional and technical centers across the country. There are only a handful of technical and vocational centers in Nigeria that are not properly equipped and staffed. To be able to progress, we also need to have more professional and technical centers across the country.
Quality and affordable education
Quality and affordable education should also be widely available throughout the country. It is obvious that a quality education makes it possible to fight against poverty and ignorance, two great scourges which prevent a nation from advancing. Nowadays, quality education depends entirely and only on monetary conditions, and only students receive quality education who can pay for quality education, which is an injustice and an equality for deserving but poor students.

This trend must be eliminated throughout the country and quality and affordable education must be available throughout the country, from kindergarten and primary to baccalaureate level. In India, we see the government providing quality education at affordable costs for all and the government has also put in place various scholarship programs for deserving students, which is why we see many students in India succeeding in Sarkari Result.
Equal opportunities
Equal opportunities must be given to all deserving citizens of the country, whether for employment or to receive a quality education. Merit-based opportunities should be made available to all Nigerians.
Inclusion of new subjects in the program
Another way to improve education in Nigeria is to adopt new subjects in the curriculum. We see everything in the world changing with every passing day and that includes the school curriculum as well. Modern subjects and subjects should be included in the curriculum, such as entrepreneurship and computer skills, which are very popular around the world.

The inclusion of these new subjects in the curricula would help the nation produce talented and qualified graduates who can contribute to the development of the country.

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