Funding, a major challenge for the Nigerian education system – President, University of Oduduwa

Oduduwa University President Dr Ramon Adedoyin said the challenge facing the country’s education system is funding.

Doing this to Tribune Online on Monday, the Maye of Yorubaland said that at the time, education received the largest share of the country’s budget after defense when the budget was presented, but this is no longer the case. .

He also said that there are so many universities, polytechnics and educational colleges that are popping up without job opportunities for the huge graduates.

Dr Adedoyin therefore suggested to the government to create jobs that do not pay but prioritize entrepreneurial skills.

The president explained that his university has adopted the mechanism of entrepreneurial studies for students to ensure them practice and have them have something on their table even if there is no job opportunity after graduation. of the diploma.

He advised students to take entrepreneurial studies seriously, focus on it, and believe they could do something with it after compulsory service to the nation.

“The challenge for the Nigerian education system is funding. What he was is not what he is now. Universities continued to increase, polytechnics continued to increase even secondary schools and thus continued to increase.

“We knew at the time that with each budget presentation, education received the largest share after defense. I’m not sure education would be number seven now. It is a serious problem.

“The universities have continued to grow and there are no jobs. As a businessman, I have discovered that most of the students who come out of universities and so on do not have the opportunity to work there.

“If we graduate 5,000 students at Oduduwa University for example and others as well, where do you think all these people are going to work?

“So what we did at Oduduwa University was introduce entrepreneurial studies and we have three semesters per year instead of the normal two semesters.

“Two semesters are devoted to real academic work and the last third semester is devoted to entrepreneurial studies.

Although we charge the students, but we pool the funds and put them in a microfinance bank and we are not interested in taking anything out of that money except for these entrepreneurial studies.

“So we make the students learn one or two trades and now we take them out together and create a new business center for them.

“Create jobs that are not focused on salary. The employment should be equivalent to their wages and the system they created still continues.

“My advice to students is to use entrepreneurial studies. They should take it seriously. Let them focus on it and believe that they would be able to do something after their NYSC ”. He said.

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