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ROSWELL, Ga., January 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Big Red Truck Learning Systems is pleased to announce that it will be donating twenty-five (25) free portable game boards to various elementary and preschool schools each month throughout 2022 as part of his give back Countryside. School and clinic administrators or teachers can simply register online at Big Red Truck Learning Systems and a drawing will be held each month, with the winning school or clinic receiving the portable game boards to be used by their teachers to help them connect better with students. “We learned that as teachers continue to seek out new and innovative ways to teach and connect with students, school budgets often restrict these options at no cost to the teacher or the school. We have built the Big Red Truck Learning Systems platform with the goal of making it accessible to as many people as possible, as we have seen time and time again the positive impact it can have on children, especially children with developmental disabilities development and learning disabilities,” says the CEO of Big Red Truck Learning Systems, Keith Vargo.

The Big Red Truck Learning System is designed for children ages 3-8. If your school or clinic serves this population, we encourage you to register online. Draws will be held monthly throughout 2022. A school or clinic need only register once to be eligible for each of the twelve (12) free monthly giveaways in 2022.

Signing up for the free monthly giveaway is simple and easy: Applicants simply go to and enter the words “Free entrance to the game boardin the Questions/Comments field. A Big Red Truck Learning Systems representative will notify each monthly winner via the email address provided to coordinate shipment of the portable game boards.

On Big Red Truck Learning Systems: After finding success with their own speech-delayed child, the founders of Big Red Truck were determined to share this learning system with other struggling families. This pursuit led to the development of Big Red Truck Learning Systems, an integrated educational tool that combines educational application with physical interaction in the learning process. For more information about the company and its Wearables Series, please visit

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