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Ambikapur. Rajiv Gandhi Government Autonomous Post Graduate College Ambikapur has become the first government college to implement the new Education Policy 2020 in North Chhattisgarh. Studies by subject of certificate, degree, diploma and honor are conducted here. This course takes place on a semester basis. The new education policy issued by the central government is being implemented for higher education in all autonomous colleges in Chhattisgarh.

Rajiv Gandhi Government Self-Government Post Graduate College Ambikapur also decided on the program. The studies here will start from the current academic session itself according to the rules of the new education system. The proposal prepared by the college leadership held two meetings with senior government officials and waved the green flag. Currently, the admissions process is ongoing at the college. Being a stand-alone college, the university-related admissions process is not applicable here. Based on the applications received by the college management, the merit list is released and accordingly, admissions are made to the four-year honors course.

This is an innovation in higher education in Chhattisgarh that will directly benefit students in the future. Under the new education system, students who have studied in accordance with the curriculum will also have the opportunity to be appointed by the government at the central and state government levels. Inform that the new education policy 2020 has been implemented in schools and higher education for the implementation of a uniform education policy throughout the country. It is gradually being implemented in the states. States like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal are already studying this system.

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Four-year specialist course

According to the new education system, the college provides a four-year specialized course. The examination takes place every six months in the semester system. But there is no graduate or post-graduate name but there is a name with the subject. Pass the exam for two semesters in one year. Those who complete four semesters in two years get a certificate, those who complete four semesters in two years get a diploma, those who complete six semesters in three years get a diploma. Must pass with a minimum of 75 CGPA (percentile) after Hons degree. Once these PG studies are completed in one year of study, those with less than 75 GPA after graduation will not have the opportunity to distinguish themselves.

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Drop out after any class

According to the old policy, a bachelor’s degree was awarded only after three years of study and passing the exam, but in the new education system, one can drop out of school even after one year, that is ie two semesters and the certificate. Diploma system. Applies after graduation, but corresponding student credit remains intact. He can also pursue studies leading to a certificate, a diploma, a degree and a specialization.

Now the subject name will also be added

In the new system of education, it will be known that the name of B.Sc, BA, B.Com will not be the only one. If someone does a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, it’s called a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. In this BSc Certificate in Chemistry, BSc Diploma in Chemistry, BSc Diploma in Chemistry, BSc Honors Chemistry, etc., the degree is decided based on all years. The subjects related to the diploma are known.

This is the course

From the 1st semester to the 3rd semester, there are three subjects that everyone must study. The fourth subject is optional in which students wish to study for a degree, diploma, distinction. Make your career. Being an autonomous college, the college finalized the curriculum.

There will be changes in eligibility for government services

At present, bachelor’s and master’s degrees offer government services or various employment opportunities, but in the new education system, the question may arise of the careers of those who only study certificates and diplomas. In this regard, experts say that there will definitely be a change in the educational qualifications prescribed for employment opportunities in the future as the new education system is implemented across the country. Opportunities are also available for certificate and diploma candidates. This is a new practice in university colleges.

Posted by: Yogeswara Sharma

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