Building a better education system for every child in Mill Park

Lily D’Ambrosio, MP for Mil Park

The first five years of a child’s life are crucial for their development. During this time, children learn at a faster rate than at any other time in their lives, developing basic cognitive and social-emotional skills that are fundamental to their future achievements in school and later in life. ‘adulthood.

These skills are also the foundation of their overall well-being – how they cope with future successes and setbacks, professionally and in their personal lives.

For this reason, and in recognition of the importance of early childhood education, Andrews’ Labor government, in an Australian first, is introducing a publicly funded three-year kindergarten in the state of Victoria. .

In 2022, families in Mill Park will have access to five hours a week of funded kindergarten for three-year-olds. This will gradually be extended to the full 15 hour per week program by 2029.

To ensure our local kinders have the proper facilities and resources to deliver quality programming to every child in Mill Park, this past year alone we have invested nearly $3.8 million to build new kinders, upgrade existing ones and help them deliver high quality, inclusive programs that make the most of every minute our children play and learn. In addition, we have also supported over 25 local kinders with computer and inclusive equipment grants.

In addition to improving educational performance across the system, improving access to quality kindergarten programs also ensures greater equity. It helps all children, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to learn and develop.

Having kindergarten facilities on or next to primary school sites, or “colocating”, makes it easier for families to access kindergarten programs, simplifies return time for parents, and can contribute to a smoother transition from kindergarten to school for children. That’s why we’ve made sure that our new primary school in Wollert, which will open in a few months, will have a kindergarten on its grounds. I am also pleased to announce that we are building a brand new kindergarten next to Meadowglen Primary School in Epping – offering 66 approved places when it opens in 2023.

And just to make the start of kindergarten a little more exciting for every child starting kindergarten at age three, when they start they will also receive a new Kinder kit. Kinder kits are specially designed and are created to complement softer learning by providing fun and creative activities to encourage family engagement in the child’s education and promote awareness of the benefits of lifelong learning at home.

And, last but not least, the rollout of our funded three-year nursery will also create more jobs with some of them right here in the Mill Park electorate. It is estimated that as the program expands in Victoria, more than 4,000 additional kindergarten teachers and 2,000 early childhood educators will be needed.

Remember that I am here to support you, whenever you need it.

Please feel free to contact me via email at lily.d’[email protected] or call 9422 5171

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