Bangkok administration urged to run its own education system

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) should be independent from the Ministry of Education in managing primary education in Bangkok, said Professor Dr. Somhong Chitradub, advisor to the board of the Equitable Education Fund (EEF), during a jointly organized roundtable. yesterday (Saturday) by EEF and Thai PBS.

Bangkok gubernatorial candidates or their representatives also joined the discussion.

Dr. Somhong pointed out that learning opportunities for children in Bangkok, which help promote their development, have been limited by various rules and regulations imposed by the Ministry of Education.

As a special entity of local government, he suggested that the BMA free itself from the Ministry of Education and design and run its own education system.

Children, he said, should have free access to education, with children from the poorest families receiving scholarships to continue their studies until the end of their compulsory schooling.

Former Senator Rosana Tositrakul, one of the gubernatorial candidates, said the education system of the municipal administration must be reformed, with the cooperation of the private sector, to give children greater access to life. learning the subjects that interest them, both inside and outside the classroom.

Thai Sang Thai party gubernatorial candidate, former Thai Rak Thai MP Sita Tiwari, said all schools run by the BMA must be of the same quality, so parents can rest assured that their children can attend schools close to home.

The Fair Education Fund (EEF) was established under the Fair Education Act 2018. The aim is to provide financial support to children and young people who need it most, reduce inequalities in education by forming partnerships with diverse groups and conducting systematic research to support and develop teacher effectiveness. The EEF is placed under the supervision of the Prime Minister and directed by a board of directors.

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