Balochistan education system

Balochistan is a province of Pakistan, which is neglected when it comes to education. Outside of Balochistan all the schools have all the necessary facilities to deliver high quality education to their students but in Balochistan we do not get our facilities such as apart from using alcohol lamp we use essence to do experiments, which are the main elements to get things from subjects.

All students in Pakistan have many chances to tour foreign countries, but in Balochistan there is a city named Turbat, students from Turbat never went for tours outside our country. When students go on tour, their minds are upgraded and they can learn more than their minds limit.

In college, a large number of students are admitted, but when it will be started, only the sounds of birds come out of the lessons, all the students come out of Turbat to read, because our teachers do not teach us perfectly, when the government decides to provide laptops and funds to the students of Turbat, then no one will be able to breathe perfectly, because there will be no empty place to walk around. And most of the teachers don’t see the attendance sheet to provide laptops and funds, and rich students take advantage and snatch poor students’ rights, they give teachers braves and take laptops.

Above all, the University of Turbat is too far from the departments, here no one can read their favorite subjects, and already at the university level, a large number of students leave their school life, because of high fees, and to go to other cities of Pakistan needs money, every month more than 10 thousand people need, how is it possible for a poor man to afford a lot of money, when he doesn’t have food to eat.

When government educational organizations issues arise, it is essential that the DEO resolves them, but he never comes to visit schools, colleges and universities, students do not get any benefit from the DEO. The government should change the DEO of Turbat as soon as it can.

Due to these problems, students in Balochistan are suffering from a lot of problems, and our new Prime Minister is planning to do the wedding of the Baloch nation, who did not get a job by being MA and MSC passed.


Balochistan, August 28.

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