Author Chimusoro adds value to the education system

Danmore John Chimusoro

CHITUNGWIZA Danmore author John Chimusoro (29) says he is working to publish two primary school agricultural textbooks before the end of the year as part of efforts to improve the country’s education system.

This follows the publication of its first Grade 7 learning book in December, which has since been adopted as part of the school’s new curriculum.

Blossom Books founder Chimusoro said, “The next books will be for 5th and 6th graders. The books will help combat the effects of climate change by highlighting best practices, improving interaction and learning new skills.

“My goal is to broaden the horizon of the education system by empowering the young minds of today and tomorrow. I seek to offer clearer detailed information that allows them to see the changes and adapt to new systems. »

The young author added that his dream was to become one of the country’s leading publishers and booksellers.

“I want to raise awareness about embracing technological changes like pay-per-view online platforms. Most publishing houses are hesitant to spread this in their businesses,” he said.

“I also want to open bookstores not just in Harare, but across the country.”

Chimusoro added: “The publishing business needs expertise and funding. You have to invest a lot, in order to get a huge dividend too. The company has two dimensions both internal and external.

“On the internal side, the idea is to bring educational skills and practical experience to students and the general public, while on the external side, it is the idea of ​​marketing, selling and making a profit.”

Chimusoro said he was studying towards a master’s degree in agricultural economics at the University of Zimbabwe.

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