Month: September 2022

UNGA77: Buhari says education system determines level of national development

President Muhammadu Buhari has called on the global community for collaborative partnerships that build a framework of ideas and enable him to place learners at the heart of his national efforts to transform schools. According to him, no country can develop beyond the capacity of its educational system. Many universities across the country remained closed […]

The education system must shift from passing subjects to creating jobs

Food entrepreneur, John Dumelo Agribusiness entrepreneur, John Dumelo, has called for a change in Ghana’s education system as he believes the current system is doing students more harm than good. According to him, the existing education system has been designed in such a way that students focus on passing their subjects instead of exploring employment […]

We have succeeded in reforming our education system, says Saudi minister

BALI— Education Minister Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh hailed the Kingdom’s achievements in reforming the education system. “There have been great improvements in learning outcomes and the preparation of the education system to meet labor market needs and prepare students for future jobs.” In his speech to the G20 education ministers meeting on Thursday, Dr. Al-Sheikh highlighted […]

The horizon of digitization in the current education system | Advice for students

To put it simply, digital education is the creative application of digital technology which is secretly a solid fusion of cryptocurrency and education system, users can learn more through diversified business resources regarding the integration of crypto into the education system, specifically on Shiba Inu fame. However, it is mainly represented by two trendy educational […]

“The perfection of our educational system is the imperative of today” – September 1 speech by President Alen Simonyan

“The perfection of our educational system is the imperative of today” – September 1 speech by President Alen Simonyan 10:04, September 1, 2022 YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 1, ARMENPRESS. Parliament Speaker Alen Simonyan delivered a congratulatory speech on September 1, Knowledge and School Day. “Dear compatriots, Good knowledge and school day. Refreshing and developing knowledge […]

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